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Integrity risk specialists helping you do business ethically

Interchange is a specialist, business-oriented integrity risk consultancy. We help protect you against the risks of bribery and corruption so you can get on with growing your business.

Since 2006, we’ve worked with customers of all sizes – from SMEs seeking to crack new markets to global organisations operating in complex environments and high-risk overseas markets.

Our high-calibre team of consultants has unrivalled scope and depth of expertise in helping organisations identify and manage bribery and corruption risks, implement anti-corruption programmes and management systems and comply with legislation including the UK Bribery Act, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and export controls.

Engage us as your integrity risk consultancy, and you’ll be working with seasoned, business-savvy practitioners who understand both the legal complexities as well as business reality. You’ll get practical, no-nonsense advice and hands-on support – and not a junior consultant or intern in sight.

Interchange can help you tackle all your corruption risks and compliance challenges through a wide range of services including risk audit, training and education, BS 10500 anti-bribery management systems implementation, integrity due diligence and export compliance.

We strive to practise what we preach and operate to the strictest standards of integrity.
Interchange code of ethics.


We are a Platinum member of the BSI Associate Consultant Programme and can help you implement an internationally recognised anti-bribery management system and prepare for certification. We are a corporate member of ADS, the trade organisation for the UK aerospace, defence, security and space industries, and listed on the US Department of Commerce’s business service provider directory for US companies seeking to export to the UK.

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Code of Ethics

We strive to practise what we preach and operate to the strictest standards of integrity.


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How we are helping leading organisations manage their bribery and corruption risks and deliver business value