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Integrity due diligence

In-depth integrity assessment so you can avoid bad decisions

When you’re considering a new contract or deal – from engaging a new supplier or agent to a merger, acquisition or joint venture – you need to be sure of the other party’s integrity. Have they ever been associated with criminal or unethical acts? Do they have adequate procedures to guard against bribery and corruption? Do they use enforced or child labour? Are you putting your organisation’s investment and reputation at risk?

Yes, all transactions carry some risk. But that should not mean taking a leap of faith.

Assuring your business relationships

We can carry out enhanced integrity due diligence anywhere around the world. Integrity due diligence identifies risks not normally revealed through other due-diligence processes.

We’ll analyse the other party’s:

  • ownership structure, including ‘ultimate beneficial owners’
  • governance
  • management
  • anti-bribery systems
  • business model
  • criminal records, media reports, politically exposed persons (PEPs) and special interest persons (SIPs; those on international watch-lists and excluded party lists)
  • associations – including with criminal-related activities.

We’ll carry out deep-data searches of a range of compliance databases and make inquiries through our extensive network.

Once our investigation is complete, we’ll provide you with a detailed report that will include a risk map, in-depth analysis of areas of concern and practical steps you can take to deal with them. The report will be fully referenced and auditable.

Our integrity due diligence work is carried out in accordance with the due-diligence principle 4 in the UK Ministry of Justice Guidance to the Bribery Act.

We can also conduct integrity screening of candidates for ‘at risk’ posts so you can hire with confidence.

Why not just go on gut feel?

  • Do deals and enter markets with renewed confidence
  • Understand the risks
  • Strengthen your negotiating position
  • Protect your investment and avoid the costs of bad decisions
  • Fulfil Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements

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