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Integrity monitoring

Continuous improvement of your anti-bribery programme so you can stay ahead

In the fight against corruption, there’s no room for complacency. Legislation gets stricter. New markets bring new risks and compliance requirements. Employees and business partners come and go. To remain effective, you have to monitor the performance of your compliance programme and update it as needed.

Prevention not cure

Interchange will act as your company’s critical friend and mentor in your bid to strengthen your defences against corruption and bribery in your organisation and its supply chain.

We can carry out regular monitoring of the effectiveness of your anti-bribery management system, processes and procedures. After all, prevention is so much less costly than cure.

This can be particularly useful when you are preparing for renewal of certification to the ISO37001 anti-bribery management system standard.

We can also conduct in-depth reviews in the light of an enforcement action against your organisation or an important development such as a change of government in one of your markets or an incident of bribery in your industry.

A key output of our integrity monitoring is to provide you with practical recommendations to improve compliance in your organisation. This may be particularly relevant after the settlement of an enforcement action or corporate conviction.

Towards best practice

Calling on our many years of experience of designing and implementing anti-bribery programmes in leading international businesses, we can alert you to good and emerging practices. Whatever your industry and however big or small your company, we can show you what really good looks like and recommend how to get there.

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