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Policies and procedures

Helping you develop and document anti-corruption policies and procedures

Strong, up-to-date embedded anti-corruption policies and procedures are at the heart of an effective management system. We can help you develop and document policies and procedures that comply with relevant bribery and corruption legislation and standards.

Essential anti-corruption policies and procedures

  • Code of ethics and business conduct
  • Gifts and hospitality
  • Facilitation payments
  • Appointment and management of agents and intermediaries
  • Exhibitions and conferences
  • Donations and sponsorship
  • Fraud and related crimes

We can help you strengthen your existing policies and procedures or help you develop new ones to fill gaps in your management system (e.g. on human rights, enforced / child labour and modern slavery issues). We will call on our suite of best-practice templates, which we can tailor to your organisation’s needs, or create something new from scratch.

These policies and procedures will underpin your compliance programme. We will ensure they are consistent with the relevant regulations, proportionate to the risks your company faces, and clear, practical and accessible.

We can also create briefing documents you can give to new employees, shareholders, suppliers and business partners so you can communicate your organisation’s stance on bribery, corruption and other ethics issues.

Get it in writing

  • Update and implement policies and procedures to strengthen risk management
  • Communicate your ethical values to employees and other stakeholders
  • Minimise the risk of breaches through better awareness and understanding
  • Demonstrate to the market, investors, customers and suppliers that you are fully committed to ethical practice

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